For all your petroleum and allied products requirements you can rest assured that WAAPER will fulfil such requirements. Listed hereunder just a few of our comprehensive range of services:

• Personalised supplier / customer relationship
• Wholesale unbranded products
• Efficient delivery system
• Quality refining process
• Cost-effective procurement
• General petroleum trading
• Uninterrupted supplies
• Professional Distribution & Marketing

In addition to the items appearing on the brief list of readily available petroleum and commodity products, WAAPER will source any petroleum or commodity product as per your requirement:

• Crude oil  - Bonny light crude

• A.G.O (D2 Diesel)  - automotive gas oil

• JP 54  -  aviation fuel

• D.P.K. -  kersosene

• P.M.S. -  automotive fuel

• L.N.G  -  liquid natural gas