THE demand to provide adequately in many of the trading sectors remains ever increasing especially in light of redressing the issues of procurement and distribution of vital commodities including various sustainable projects throughout Africa.

The funding and provisioning of the aforesaid raises concern on how to overcome the massive financial constraints. The necessity and urgency to provide proficient services to facilitate and address the ever increasing need in the commodity products sector presents huge opportunities throughout Africa.

In spite of the challenges and constraints a West African sufficiency and distribution networking operation, namely, WEST AFRICAN PROCUREMENT MERCHANTS LIMITED (WAPMEL) was established in Ghana in 2009.

WAPMEL, through its’ independent and professional research identified that there were various bureaucratic impediments which hindered the easy logistical access and availability of general consumer goods and commodities. These impediments were few of the factors that contributed immensely to the soaring prices, shortages and transportation of such commodities.

The establishment and formation of WAPMEL was clearly intent on alleviating the challenges that consumers, be it the trader or man on the street, was confronted with. WAPMEL with its’ experienced and skilled management team are steadfast and committed to redress the needs of the people by streamlining the processes of commodity availability at affordable market prices with full logistical support. WAPMEL’S experienced and professional team are committed to source and procure quality commodities globally thereby providing best prices and exceptional service.