OUR focus and reputation as market leaders in providing service par excellence in the petroleum, Oil and Gas industry positions us ahead of most Petroleum service providers and traders.

WAAPER’S proficient standards to facilitate the availability of large volumes of petroleum and allied products into Africa and around the globe through its purchasing power and logistical support provides tremendous cost savings which benefit general industries and all consumers.

TRADING and procuring through WAAPER, who have strong business alliances and profound understanding of the petroleum industry and who can ensure that regular and reliable supplies of products are available at your call can make a huge difference. Our highly efficient and experienced personnel are able and obliging to maximise value for all its’ clients through our in-house excellent tried-and tested customer service for the growth and success of your business.

WAAPER and its’ professional management team pride themselves in providing continuous understanding of your needs by maintaining on-demand product availability at your port of call or preferred destination within the required timelines.

• Our medium to long term vision is to position WAAPER SA as the preferred petroleum supplier to the South African markets
• Our aim is to provide all customers with quality, efficient and exceptional service delivery
• Our customers are assured to receive the most cost effective petroleum supply solutions