“On no soul does Allah place a burden greater than it can bear. (Al- Baqara Vrs 2:286)”

The Hajj is an Islamic mandatory obligation that all Muslims must fulfill in their life time. However, it becomes a torture and frustrating when many, after the struggle of getting to the muster point from various international and national distances to embark on their pilgrimages, are unable to fulfill their Quranic mandate due to various unforeseeable problems.

Air Manjaro exist to alleviate historical barriers to smooth Hajj and Umrah transition. Due to the perennial difficulties referred to above, Air Manjaro has stepped in with an array of personnel from diversified professional and cultural background with the sole mandate of bringing an end to those perennial problems. It is for this purpose that Air Manjaro was established.

Our staff is made up of skilled professionals who understand and empathize with the specific needs of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

To become the African leading Airline Charter service Company specialized in Hajj and Umrah services, with the sole mandate of ensuring that even the common Muslim makes the Quranic mandate to the Holy land.