WEST AFRICAN ADVANCED PETROLEUM ENERGY REFINERY (WAAPER) was founded and established in the Republic of Ghana, West Africa in 2008 by an astute commodity trader, oil magnate and retired Master Navigator Tony Amanfo Ohams. Tony A Ohams, affectionately captioned as Captain through his navigational experience and skills with his team of highly professional and experienced personnel identified the ongoing need and demand for the supply of petroleum and allied products throughout Africa and the world at large. The dedicated management team under the leadership of Captain Tony focused on providing innovative fuel supply solutions to the agricultural, domestic, commercial, industrial and mining sectors. This provisioning was envisioned as opportunistic for further growth and expansion of WAAPERS’ business initiatives hence encouraged the introduction and registration of WAAPER SA (PTY) LTD.

WAAPER SA (PTY) LTD is committed to explore and investigate continuous measures to innovate and expand its’ service value propositions in the petroleum industry by developing state-of-the-art bulk storage depots for petrol, diesel, crude oil and gas. Inherent in a good value proposition is an intimate understanding of the petroleum requirements of each major customer or customer segment. 

In its quest to position itself as a forerunner in the industry WAAPER SA will, through the establishment of its’ own depots in strategically positioned localities, ensure uninterrupted supply of petroleum and allied commodities for the South African and neighbouring markets. WAAPER SA will continuously strive to achieve and excel best industry practices by proactively transforming the petroleum chain for beneficial advantage to Government, business alliances including the diverse markets. WAAPER SA will utilise key South African, Mozambican and Namibian ports for discharging of bulk petroleum products via existing pipelines and or construction of its’ own facilities. In addition WAAPER SA will draw logistical support through the excellent road, rail and freight transportation to ensure punctual service delivery in accordance to the customers’ instructions.

Our philosophy is to manage and operate WAAPER SA ethically and professionally and being fair to all employees, customers, service providers and business alliances